Altoids Case

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Altoids are a brand of breath mints that have existed since the 18th century. The brand had experience of being at the top when they held the position of the top-selling breath freshener in 1998. The company was quickly replaced when Listerine introduced their line of PocketPak breath strips. While Altoids remains a classic and iconic brand, the company should remain competitive and adapt to what society demands; a shareable, discrete and portable breath strip. The brand experienced much of its success through the iconic packaging. So, the first thing that should be considered is the packaging of a breath strip. The Altoids tin became a symbol of old-world tradition and a staple for quality. The box is attractive and simple. Most importantly, it is easy to share and pass around amongst friends. The packaging alone creates an engaging product for consumers. Customer engagement is critical for creating brand loyalty and product satisfaction. Altoids must continue to be a “lifestyle accessory” and a social ritual for young adults. Performing this set of activities will ensure a competitive product alongside Listerine. Altoids has always been focused on creating an advertising campaign that has focused on two things; intensive distribution and higher brand awareness. The advertising campaign should reach consumers through multiple media channels to ensure the completion of the two goals. The advertisements of Altoids have always conveyed the strong and intense mint taste. This reinforced the packaging of the product being in a tin box. The headline with advertisements always complimented the photography in a comical manner. The company believed that the creative had to be well placed within the photography to complete the message. Altoids could create a character within each of their product extensions that are a compilation of what makes up the target market. This can enable Altoids users to identify themselves within each or just one of the characters. This allows...
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