Althusser’s Theory of Interpellation

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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As viewers, people are always making meaning of what they see in images, although every image have a dominant meaning, they are interpreted and use by the viewers in ways that do not always conform to these meanings .however, the viewers point of view can be greatly influence when gets interpellate by the dominant meaning when we are hailed into subject (You identify me and I become that me that you have identified) in the dove add created by the cosmetic company DOVE; we find a great example of interpellation, by creating an ad campaign for a targeted audience of women that are not physically beautiful according to society. Their intended meaning is to widen the narrow definition of beauty that is presented to as in all other media commercials. It challenges the hegemonic ideal beauty impose by the media ;The Campaign for Real Beauty focused on the idea that women are bombarded with unrealistic, unattainable images and images of beauty that impact their was created to act as an agent of change to inspire and educate girls and women about a wider definition of beauty.

The ad campaign is intended for women whose appearances are outside the stereotypical norms of beauty (fat, small, old, and from different ethnic backgrounds etc).the add interpellate women around the world, since the issue of physical appearance creates anxiety at an early age for women. it is hard to measure the success of the campaign to interpellate other social groups to which the add doest “speak” directly to; since in all other media we are being force feed the ideal image of beauty through women that are over six feet, remarkably skinny, with healthy hair and flawless skin. I guess for women to really get the benefit of this campaign efforts and others similar to this ,is necessary to start mentoring the next generations about what real beauty should be about. The ad campaign aims to interpellate not only the women in this social group but also other social groups that...
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