Although Gimpel Appeared to Be a Fool, He Is a Man of Wisdom.

Topics: Isaac Bashevis Singer, Gimpel the Fool, Short story Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Name: Alana Joseph
Course: ENG 102 Mon-Wed 6:30
Date: 2/11/2013
Although Gimpel appeared to be a fool, he was really a wise man. Gimpel the fool through clever characterization, underlying symbolism, and an in-depth point of view, the short story "Gimpel the Fool", written by Isaac Bashevis Singer, clearly reinforces the age-old concept that repentance, along with good deeds, will ultimately be rewarded in time. Gimpel's whole-hearted yet gullible characterization weaves an important pattern in the story's meaning. “Gimpel the Fool” is a story of laughter and sadness. Gimpel was a boy that had a reputation of being a fool since his early age. People were always playing tricks at him. Although Gimpel appeared to be a fool, he was really a wise man. He showed he was a wise man by loving the children that were not his, being a believer in his religion and by not taking advice from the Devil. There are many ways in which Gimpel appeared to be a fool. First the young men of the village spent a great deal of time making fun of poor Gimpel. It appeared that he was taken in by their stories to an extreme degree. Even as he went about his employment in the bakery, the townspeople continued to tell Gimpel fantastic tales that became more and more fantastic. An example of people making fun of him was the following: “Gimpel, there is a fair in heaven; Gimpel, the rabbi gave birth to a calf in the seventh month; Gimpel, a cow flew over the roof and laid brass eggs. Gimpel, while you stand here scraping with your baker’s shovel the Messiah has come. The death heaven arisen. What do you mean? Gimpel said. I heard no one blowing the ram’s horn! The kid said. Are you deaf? And all began to cry, We heard it, we heard! Gimpel, your father and mother have stood up from the grave. They are looking for you” (Singer 79). Because Gimpel believed everything that everyone told him he became the foolish boy of the town. The reason why Gimpel believed what people told him was that all...
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