Alternative Sources of Energy Can Be Easily Established

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Alternative sources of energy can be easily established

It is common that the traditional sources of energy are becoming more and more finite, because this energy bring us lots of environment problems such as global warming, so people on the earth are trying their best to find more new alternative energy to make their lives go on. Some people think that establishing alternative sources of energy is quite easy, but other people oppose. In my point of view, establishing alternative sources of energy is a tough task for our human beings. In this essay, I will give the examples between China and Iceland to show that establishing alternative sources of energy is not easy.

First of all, we are fortunate to have geothermal energy in the earth’s interior; it is easier to gain thermal heat by special steam turbine machine. "Providing more than 50% of the country’s energy needs, geothermal energy in Iceland constitutes the highest relative share of any country’s total primary energy supply" (Quaschning,2010,p222), that is to say, using geothermal energy is an easier work and it can be processed to supply for inhabitant as a main source in Iceland. However, it is limited to other countries because that these countries do not have enough geothermal energy to supply in their ground. For example, the area of volcanoes provides more plutonic geothermal energy for people to use (Quaschning, 2010). But in China, there are not many volcanoes so that Chinese can not generate sufficient energy of plutonic geothermal heat. It means the alternative sources of energy can established easily or not is largely depending on the countries in the geographic location which contain the available resources for supplying rich or lack.

Secondly, "hydrogen is by far the most common component in our solar system and constitutes around 75% of the mass and more than 90% of all atoms"(Quaschning, 2010, p266), so people can use this energy easily because of the amount is much large. Some...
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