Alternative Sentencing Program of Washington State

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Alternative Sentencing Program of Washington state

The Washington State Legislature passed the bill “the Parenting Sentencing Alternative substitute senate bill 6639” in 2010 The legislation has created two programs to help parents of minor children get intensive supervision as alternatives to incarceration: Family and Offender sentencing Alternative (FOSA) and Community Parenting Alternative (CPA). “The State saw a need to address the issue of the increasing number of minor children being raised without their parents. “ The Community Parenting Alternative is the department of Corrections Avenue for a parent who is within the correctional system could be placed with in this alternative program. This programs protocol is to transfer an offender to home detention using electronic monitoring for up to the last year of their prison sentence. Susan Leavell explained that "the inmates that are coming out are still inmates, but in their home. Electronic monitoring is a way to ensure that they are where they say they are and that they don't leave the home without permission." The current sentence is waived and 12 month community custody is imposed with intensive supervision model and weekly visits with the offender.

The basic goal of the program is to stop the cycle of criminal life style with in families by getting parents back into the home. Susan Leavell said it best "With this alternative, we are not just supervising of offenders-felons. We're really working with that family as a unit with the goal in mind to assist with raising of those children, consistency and routine is so important to kids." This program is to help increase the effective return of parents (offenders) into our communities and homes. The concentrated monitoring, supervision of the parents with in this program helps to preserve family units. This program attempt’s to intervene at the lowest level, so as to allow the parents to correct their own behavior to benefit their...
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