Alternative Funding

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Alternative Funding
September 21, 2012

Alternative Funding
Non-profit organization’s, such as PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, after receiving grants, may continue to struggle finding adequate funding options. The obvious ways to obtain funds is through grants and donations. Grants are not always easily obtained and most donations are a one-time contribution. Discovering alternative methods for obtaining funding may take an ample amount of brainstorming.

For PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, unfortunately, grants will not cover the cost to effectively run the organization. Alternative funding methods must be selected. Examples of alternative funding options to explore are fundraisers, opening a thrift store, soliciting local businesses, selling commemorative bricks and/or benches, and holding special events in the community.

Fundraisers may include bake sales and carwashes organized and conducted by the staff only to protect the identity of the victims. PEACE will open its’ own thrift store selling donated items and handmade crafts the victims will create within a therapy group and all the proceeds will benefit the organization.

Special events to take place in the community could be a talent search contest where the contestants pay an entry fee and the crowd will vote on the best performer. The event will also include information booths regarding domestic violence education and prevention and the specifics of what PEACE offers to victims and the community. Event goers will also have the option to purchase the commemorative bricks and benches in memory of loved ones and the proceeds go directly to PEACE.

The most imperative alternative funding option is to solicit local businesses small or large. Considering the fact that donation are typically a one-time contribution, the business will have the option to agree and sign a “donation pact” with PEACE that states a regular donation, whether it is cash or non-cash, will be given on assigned...
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