Alternative Courses of Action

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VIII .Alternative Courses of Action
1st Action
Modern technology had a great impact to the new generation, and it is part the daily routine of the community. Since, the modern technology, helped us to gain our knowledge, the PR Firm of the Capitol Medical Center wants to use non-traditional media such as internet, web, and, the mobile services for developing its potential in health education. With this action, the hospital will achieve its goal towards a successful dissemination of information. Every person in the community uses this non-traditional Medias; so, they will find this action easier and more convenient to receive health care information coming from the institution. Still, few people don’t prefer to use internet in their daily lives, but the firm’s only concern is to inform the community on how those Medias in helping them to gain knowledge and information about the health care. This proposal should be pursued as soon as possible. 2nd Action

The most powerful tools in providing information are television, radio and print, so, we believe that these media will be the best instruments to disseminate health care information in the community. Unlike with the first action that some people don’t prefer internet, with this, every person in the community has television and radio set in their house and others can avail newspaper along streets. They can easily get the health care information. So this action will be more effective and it will minimize time to disseminate information and a large number of people will be involved quickly. 3rd Action

The third action will be the consistency of Capitol Medical Center’s services and the continuous disseminating health care information. They should stick from what they did and from what they have done in the past.

V.Problem/opportunity statement
Capitol Medical Center has been supported the health education. They had distributed leaflets about the various diseases and have conducted community seminars on...
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