Alternative Communication Skill During Disaster

Topics: Radio, Amateur radio, Emergency management Pages: 4 (1009 words) Published: August 24, 2010
ESF # 2 Communications Annex - as defined in the National Response Framework ESF Coordinator - U.S. Department of Homeland Security - National Communications System
Note: This section of the plan contains no specific tactical information and simply outlines the procedures that could potentially be followed during a disaster or critical incident. All actions outlined in this plan may not necessarily be followed in every situation.

Updated: November 24, 2008
This section describes the County’s emergency communication/notification and warning system. II. SITUATION AND ASSUMPTIONS
A. Situation
1. Vance County operates a Central Communication Center located in the Courthouse at 156 Church Street, Suite 002, Henderson, NC. This center also serves as the 911 Center and County Early Warning Point.

2. Day to day operations require three three Telecommunicators with four typically present during peak hours of call volume. The volume of traffic during times of disaster will require additional personnel to assist.

3. The communication center is designed and intended to be a secure facility and is not open to the public.
4. The County Communication Center is often the first point of contact for the general public.
5. Vance County Emergency Communications is heavily dependent on the commercial telephone network.
6. Remote radio units that are tied directly into the 911 Communications Center primary radio system are located in the primary EOC. These remotes are available for all public safety agencies in the City and County. Amateur radio capabilities are limited. One low band radio and one Sat radio/telephone are located in the EOC. 7. Special needs groups, persons in group quarters, or schools may require special COMMUNICATION Page 1 of 3

file://C:\eplan\Webver\communications.htm 02/09/2009
warning and/or notification.
8. Emergency Management has the capability to use the Emergency Alert...
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