Alternative Classification

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Bio 100
Alternative Classification Assignment
We learned in class about the taxonomic system of classification. This system defines groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics, giving names to each group. It is also a Biological Classification system used to put every living thing into groups, grouping them according to shared physical characteristics. This helps us to know which animals are which, who each is related to, and what each are like individually. Scientists often use this classification system because not only does it provide official names for every plant and animal, but it also helps scientists understand how everyday objects are related to one another.  Because we can identify objects as well, I have decided that I would like to classify my clothing. I will classify my clothing not according to style or designer, but according to occasions and how each piece would make me feel.  

To start with, I will classify my clothing into four categories, which are the top levels of the classification. The categories are: Happy Day, Sad Evening, Party Night and Ordinary Day. These would be the main pillars, or classifications. All of my clothes falls somewhere within one of these levels and then beneath each one, there are certain sub levels.  For example, under Happy Day, there is the sub category of colors, which would be all the pastel colors and warm colors. Each category will correspond to a different color depending on the mood. For example, under Sad Evening we would find all of the dark colors, under Party Night, all the bright and shiny colors, and under Ordinary Day all the matte colors.  The colors will represent the mood of the person on a given day.  

Under each sub level I will put types of cloths such as skirts, pants, dresses, shorts, blouses, shirts, etc. The idea is to know what kind of cloths to use and what color we need to use for each category, depending the mood that I have and the time of the day I’m...
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