Alternate Ending to the Tell Tale Heart

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart, Thought Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: February 25, 2013
The Tell Tale heart
The old man was shrieking. I was blocking his mouth with a pillow until he stopped breathing. But then I started to panic, because I realized only at that moment that I killed a man. He will never see the Sun again. He will never see the moon, humans, lights, streets, houses, etc. he will never see the earth again. I couldn’t believe I did such a thing. I was terrified. But then I suddenly heard a police alarm. I was very scared. But what could they do to me if they didn’t find the corpse? So I quickly hid it under the floor. But at that moment, the police appeared. They asked me what I was doing in the neighbor’s apartment. But I could not deny anything. There was blood everywhere because I had dismembered the corps. So I began to run. As quickly as I can in the night. The moon was bright like the sun. The clouds that partially recovered it were black as a coal piece. I was running. As fast as I could. Behind me were the policemen. They were screaming things I could not understand. But as I grew tired, I slowed down. The men would be on me in less than ten seconds. I had to do something, and quick. That is when I saw a bridge that was highering to let a boat pass. It was my last chance. I had to make it. So I began running again. The men were getting closer. Far away a wolf was howling. The bridge was getting higher. I had to jump. So when I was only one meter away of the jumping point, I jumped. High in the sky. But the other end was too far away. But I managed to grip myself to the other end that was on the other side. Yet I didn’t have the force to climb up the bridge. So I let go, thinking about the water that would stop me from hurting myself. But I was wrong. As I was thirty meters high, the impact was as hard as on steel. All my life flashed before my eyes. The last thing I thought about was the old man and his vulture eye. I think is deserve what’s happening to me right now. The wolves were howling so loud that I thought I was...
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