Alternate Ending!

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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Alternate ending!
Odysseus leaves Ithaca to go talk to the gods because Athena tells him that he should talk to the gods about why they are so mad at him. He and his crew he gathers at Ithaca go to a far journey. Athena tells Odysseus what he has to do. First, he has to make a sacrifice and then dance around in circle singing how the gods rule the world. He travels back to where the giants live or where Poseidon son lives. He goes back there and basically starts asking do you want to help. They all say “NO” especially Poseidon son. So finally he tells them he will give him and all his giant friends’ supplies if they all go with him to the god’s island. They agree.

So now he travels to Circes Island and asks her if she could help him of course she says yes. So the last place he travels is the underworld. He does some weird dance and some weird position thing Circe gives him and now he has the underworld basically on his side. So then about a few days later he goes to the gods and asks why are you so mad at me and they answer cause that’s how we are right now., also because you stabbed Poseidon son in the eye. Now Odysseus is fighting with the gods because he thinks there reasons for being mad at him are stupid. Odysseus gives the signal and now he has a whole army behind him and the gods look at him like are you crazy.

The war starts like this the god’s just stay and they all look around at each other and ask what he is thinking. Poseidon gets the huge waves to hit the giants and there all washed up. Now Zeus gives one powerful thunder bolt straight at Odysseus hits him square in the heart. He dies slowly but painfully. The army that was once powerful just gave up and now they are the best friends with the gods.
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