Alter Public Space - Short Essay

Topics: Public library, Public space, Urban design Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: February 23, 2012
“Alter public space” means the thinking way of human brains about the public place and changes the reality of what it meant to what is in their thoughts. In the essay “Black men and Public Space” Brent Staples shared his personal experiences and feelings about how people react and feel when they met him in public places. He explained that when people met black men in public places people (mostly women) were scared of them and looked for ways and means to escape from them. Stereotyping of black that they are not good and they can cause harm to others has no base. I feel that stereotyping of black people and categorized them as a mugger, a rapist, is not good. In all communities, there are good as well as bad people. So, one cannot make an assumption that all black are bad people. This essay reminded me of those oppressed people of my country, who were recognized as bad, only because they are from lower caste, and they are poor. We cannot judge people by their appearances, race, religion, etc. As we know from the history of America where black were discriminated on colors and had no choice other than became slaves. Staples has given the example of woman who saw him at night and get scared because she assumed him as mugger or rapist. These type of assumptions put black men in a very embarrassed situation so I think this essay successfully convey the pitiful message of those black people. The thesis of essay is how the black men were dominated when entering into the public place and Staples supported it by giving his own example that he became very conscious and took precautions to make themselves less threatening.
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