Alphabets Astrology

Topics: Truth Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: February 8, 2011
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| | | | | | |Alphabet A:- A person whose name begins with A is blessed with good qualities and thoughts, but they may tend to be | |hyper-emotional. They have pro-life ideas and have a deep desire to make this earth a beautiful place. | |Alphabet B:- People having name beginning with B have magnificent thoughts, which are in perfect harmony. Such persons do not | |argue. They are introverted and often remain immersed in their thoughts. They make very less friends and they trust everyone | |with great difficulty. They are basically self-centered and lack confidence which sometimes prevents them from rising in life. | |Alphabet C:- People having name which begin with C are very changeable. They even go to extremes to ensure that their desires | |are fulfilled. They lack flexibility. They have a very fertile brain, which gives them future vision. | |Alphabet D:- People having name beginning with D are confident and have great self-control. This leads them to great success. | |They are creative and have the ability to convert their ideas into deeds. They are conscious of the truth. They ensure that they| |do not waver from it and gently persuade others to remain on the path of truth. | |Alphabet E:- People having name, which begin with E, are outgoing and open. They never hesitate to speak the truth, even at the | |cost of annoying others. Their ideas are creative and they convert these ideas into magnificence through endeavor. A fine blend | |of creativity, ability,...
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