Alphabet Essay

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Alphabet essay
Attic is the most hunted place in my house. Brianna was a girl who used to live in this house before my family moved in, and she died in the attic. Chloe was best friend with Brianna before that incident. Death is not that only thing that took place in the attic. Everyone said we made a huge mistake buying the house. Friends from my mom work is telling her to sell it as soon as possible because everyone who brought this house previously suffered from some form of disaster that they all end up selling the house. Ghosts guard the entrance of the attic. I felt their presence every time I tried to enter. Hidden behind the rose bush there is a tombstone. It belongs to Brianna, and it had the words“I am coming for you next” scribbled on it with dirt. Jumping from fear was my first reaction. Knowing this new information I urged my parents to move, unfortunately they did not listen to me. Looking at the staircase going upstairs always gave me chills. My parents never believed what I told them about seeing the ghost present or the writing in tombstone; they thought I was being paranoid. Notes after notes started to appear in my house about how the house needed my help. One day I came from school and I couldn’t open the door no matter how hard I tired. Praying the door would eventually open I kept on trying when a note suddenly appeared from the under the door. “Quit ignoring my request or else you will be gone like the rest.” Reading that note made me scare and I knew I had to stop this before it went out of control. Surely I had to do it by myself. Therefore I looked through all the clues and notes I received and tried to look for an answer. Unfortunately the idea of going to the attic to look for more clues frightened me. Violent scenery and noises flashed through my mind when I stepped a foot inside the room. Where is that crying noise coming from I said aloud, when I was greeted by a child’s ghost. Xylophone, which was next to ghost had an envelope....
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