Alpha-Beta Exercise Hr595

Topics: Negotiation, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Psychology Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Journal Entry 3
Alpha – Beta Exercise
Beta Group

The name of this negotiation exercise is ALPHA-BETA. The goal of this negotiation is to stay within character and gain as much information from the other side as possible. The uncertainties confronted were how to lead the negotiation as a Betan. The skills that we will try to exhibit are trying to embody the style and culture of the Betans. Our opponents, Alpha Inc., were prepared with their demands. They seemed to have researched our culture and were not susceptible to them. We did not reach a settlement, our goal was to remain in character and gather as much information as possible. ANALYSIS

Our BATNA for this simulation was 4 different models, 250 units to be imported per year, 5% gross sales royalty rate and complete access to vision technology. We did not come clean or make clear our bottom line because that is not like the traits of the Betans, they are indirect. The other side did not reveal their BATNA. The other side did make an initial offer which they stated to be their final offer. Given those actions I would assume that the BATNA for Alpha Inc. was 8 different models, 250 units per year, 1.5% royalty rate on gross sales and no access to vision technology. Our objectives and interests as a group were to behave collectively, formally, patiently, indirectly, unemotionally and passively. These goals conflicted with the other party’s position because they were the very opposite of those traits. Our opponents were rude, impatient, demanding, crude, Machiavellian, direct and emotional. The other party was interested in settling as quickly as possible and on their terms. We did not attempt to interject objective standards; we attempted to remain patient and indirect. Both parties were prepared prior to negotiation to address specific issues. Beta’s strategy was not to go into the negotiation and immediately deal with the issues at hand, but to be patient and ensure that the...
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