Alpha and Omega

Topics: Cost, Employment, Production system Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Individual Case Analysis: Acme and Omega

Introduction:Both companies, Acme and Omega, have many problems. Acme and Omega compete with each other over multi-million jobs in the technology manufacturing industry. Acme runs into problems with communications which cause problems with project production and job purchasing. Also, Acme has leadership issues within the company.

Omega has problems dealing with organizational structure on all levels. They run into price issues as well which affects their ability to compete with competition. Problems:
Acme:Acme promoted John Tyler, the former general manager of Technological Products, to the company's new president. John Tyler is a great specialization manager, and Tyler manages using many rules and strict control. Tyler runs a structure he refers to as "tight ship" just as Technological Products had used for production. The structure is highly efficient within each department, but vertical communication between departments causes many complications especially when order and production problems arise. According to Part III, Acme participated in very little communications between departments. "The departments had little contact with one another, and each seemed to work at its own speed." This breach in communication cost Acme millions of dollars. This communication problem is due to leadership issues. While Tyler runs a tight ship, he is more important with making big clients "happy" than the actual production of his company. When Tyler runs into problems, he reacts with strong outburst ,or he "hits the roof". While keeping clients is happy must perform better on the production on a job. Omega:Jim Rawls, president of Omega, believes his employees should work together on all levels. Omega uses an open horizontal organizational structure where people work together from all departments. While all departments should communicate, Rawls seems to be a fairly lax. Rawls' lack of control results in the...
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