Alpha and Beta Testing 1

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Introduction | Pre-Production Activities | Lesson Development | Alpha, Beta, and Pilot Testing Project Evaluation | Marketing | Packaging | Dissemination
Alpha Test
In software development, your alpha test, will be a test among yourselves (the teams) to confirm that your product works. Originally, the term alpha test meant the first phase of testing in a software development process. The first phase includes unit testing, component testing, and system testing. During this time you will compress files, edit for misspelled words and unclear directions, broken links, and sync audio and video. You will also test your product on the lowest common denominator machines to make sure download times are acceptable and preloaders work. Beta Test

In software development, a beta test is the second phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out. Beta testing can be considered "pre-release testing." Beta test versions of software are now distributed to curriculum specialists and teachers to give the program a "real-world" test and partly to provide a preview of the next release. Pilot Test

For the pilot test, we will give your product a "real-world" test as well as collect data on the use of the product in the classrooms. Here are the steps we will follow for our pilot test. 1. We will recruit test-run professors and teachers who are similar to our intended audience. The important thing here is that the test audience should, as much as possible, be like your "real" audience so you get the most accurate information. 2. Have the test-run participants use or watch your product. It is not necessary to bring the whole group together at once. It might be better to only have one or two participant test run the product at a time. 3. Observe the test-run participants as they use/watch your product. The important thing here is to try not to interfere. In order to get accurate information, you must not jump in to "help" as soon as you...
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