Alonso Glikman

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Julius Caesar Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: December 2, 2012
In the rehabilitation home, the boys are so violent. Most everyone there crave cocaine and marijuana. They are break furniture and toss everything in the yard. One day, the boys decided to break the windows of the classroom, and Ishmael badly cuts his hand. He has to be taken to the hospital. The next day, he is again taken to the hospital due to migraine. Ishmael returns to the home where the boys have been there for a month. They are starting to get over the withdrawal symptoms of doing without drugs. But memories of the war keep facing. The boys go their classes, but they pay no attention. They prefer to fight and talk. They always have nightmares every night. At the hospital, Ishmael is befriended by a nurse named Esther. At first, Ishmael has a hard time trusting her. One day, she gives him a present, a Walkman with cassettes of rap music. She notices the scars on his legs from bullet wounds; he tells her the story of how he got them. He continues to suffer from the migraines and nightmares. He is taken in a hospital in Freetown for another reexamination. After that, they spend time in the city, where Esther buys Ishmael a Bob Marley cassette. As the times go by, Ishmael comes to accept Esther’s friendship. He sings rap songs to her. Another night, he has a nightmare, full of killing and blood. He tells Esther his dream. Ishmael enjoys the companionship of Esther. Ishmael performs a monologue from Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar” at a talent show at the home. He also performs a short play he has written about a boy soldier. Visitors from United Nations and UNICEF are very impressed. Ishmael is asked to become a spokesman for the center. Ishmael has been at the rehab for six months when his childhood friend, Mohamed arrives. They are very happy to see each other. Someone manages to locate Ishmael’s uncle and bring him to Ishmael. When his uncle visits, they go for a walk and get to know each other more. One weekend, Ishmael’s uncle takes him to meet his...
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