Along for the Ride

Topics: Mother, A Story, Protagonist Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Along for the ride- Sarah Dessen
This book is about a young girl named Auden who lives with her mother who is a teacher at the university, her mother has a very bohemic style with her jet-black hair. Auden spends most of her time studying and driving to Ray's at night, a café in town that is open twenty-four/seven. When her parents got divorced three years erlier, Audens insomnia began. Now when Auden has graduated from highschool she has no plans for the summer before going to college. But after a while she actually decides to go and stay with her father and his wife, and their newly born baby. The house is located right by the ocean, and for the first time Auden can look at the beach from her window. After a few days exploring the small town her father decides that he wants to take the whole family out to dinner at a local resturant. And it's there outside the resturant Auden meets a slightly odd guy, named Eli. And now the story as well as Audens summer begins.

I have read three books of Sarah Dessen and this one is probably my favourite. I like the way she writes and the stories about young women and their situations and relationships. To be honest I prefer reading english books instead of swedish, because I think everything sounds better in english and sometimes frases sounds corny in swedish. Sarah Dessen is a good writer I think, I understand everything and I can relate to many of the feelings in the book. She describes the enviroment vividly, she's not over doing it by explaining to much, just enough to create your own vision. Like the main character Auden, she does'nt really writes about Audens looks, but you still don't feel like you need to know about her looks to get a grip of her. I think its...
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