Aloe Barbadens Mill (Aloe Vera) and Citrus Limon X (Lemon) as an Active Anti-Bacterial and Moisturizing Soap

Topics: Soap, Skin Pages: 14 (3995 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Diocesan Catholic Schools System
Diocese of San Pablo
San Pablo City, Laguna
Liceo de Pila
Pila, Laguna

Aloe Barbadens Mill (aloe vera) and Citrus Limon X (lemon) as an Active Anti-Bacterial and Moisturizing Soap Research I- Chapters 1-2-3

Presented to:
Mr. Lucien Estalilla Ansay
Research Teacher

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in Research I
A.Y. 2012-2013

Submitted by:
Ma. Jonah Girl H. Amoranto
Kris Laurenz F. Aranilla
III- St. Augustine

We would like to dedicate this work to those persons who helped and inspired us in making this Research possible.

- To our loving and very supportive parents who helped in financial matters and who did not leave us throughout the course of this study.

- To those students out there, especially the Liceans, to serve as their reference for the future years.

- And last but not the least, we are offering this work foremost to the Father Almighty, our God, who gave us the courage and strength in pursuing this Research work.


The Researchers would like to extend their deep gratitude and express their sincere and warm thoughts to those people who became helping instruments to this Research work.

To their classmates who served as one of their inspirations and for giving them words of encouragement and praise.

They would like to show how grateful they are to their school librarian, Mrs. Minnie Codera for letting them consult the library anytime they need to.

They also want to give appreciation to their family who helped them in their financial expenses and supported them in everything they do.

They would like to gratify Mr. Sonny Lim for giving them friendly advices and techniques to make this research easier to finish.

They would also like to thank Ms. Maria Crissei H. Caluza for having her thesis borrowed by the Researchers as a mean of example and that served as their guide and reference while making this research work.

Also, they would like to recognize their adviser, Mrs. Maria Maida J. Caballero for giving them useful ideas and sharing them her thoughts about this study.

And lastly, to their Religion and Research I teacher, Mr. Lucien E. Ansay for not leaving them in spite of his busy calendar, for giving them outburst considerations and pouring backgrounds and notes about this research work. And also, for providing them lashing advices, total guidance, and full-length patience in correcting, modifying, and revising their works.


This study is aiming to seek if lemon and aloe vera extracts are comparable to the commercially made soap. The study wants to make less expensive but more effective soap out of the materials that are cheaper, convenient, and more natural. In order to find out if lemon and aloe vera extracts can be used to make soap and if it could be compared to Dove® soap, several tests will be conducted. Then, the researchers will choose different persons to examine the two products. After quite a few observations and experiments, a computation of the results and its approval rating will be released. CHAPTER 1



Filipino women are well-known for their unique and extraordinary beauty. They possess outstanding characteristics that are very different from women all over the world. From physical to mental to social, these girls are very different and pleasing. Foreign men tourists are usually looking forward for a vacation here, in the Philippines because those foreigners want to make friends with Filipinas.

Women in the Philippines are very practical in regards with their hygiene regimen. They use natural means like herbals and organic materials for their cosmetics. But as time passes by, many different...
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