Almost a Woman: “Weight Training”

Topics: Need, Education, Adolescence Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Darrian Batiste
1st hour
Reflection 1

The choice of my research project is “Weight Training”. I chose this topic because I am very interested in weight training. I am very active in weight training as an individual. I wanted to learn how it helps the body and how it can harm it. What are the proper techniques for the lifting? Can it have a bad out come if you do the improper techniques?

The research that I did relates to my project because it explained in deep detail all the information I needed to know. It answered all of my questions, how do you use the proper techniques as well as how it can be harmful to you if you don’t perform it the correct way. I learned that weight training can gain more bone density with in your body as well as muscle mass. It also showed that weight training can have a very negative out come on the body especially teenagers. Starting weight training as a young adult around the age of sixteen to eighteen can cause growth plates to collapse and stunt your growth. The weight training has turned into a big competitive event. High school students compete more that they are now familiar with the proper techniques.

I will later on in my project attempt to demonstrate the proper techniques for several weight training lifts. I feel that if I perform the tasks myself I would have a better understanding of it. I will as well shadow my mentor and see how he works as a personal trainer and what he teaches as well as how he teaches the techniques. What information he give to inform people what lift will help with the appropriate boy muscle they are working on and so on.

My challenges that I face are that I may not be able to show what the negative outcome of weight lifting may be. I know if I do them myself I don’t want to intentionally hurt myself so I am going to perform the proper techniques or try my hardest to. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt wile lifting neither. If someone did it would benefit be and I would be...
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