Allygence Farenheit 451 Narrative Essay

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“AllyGents” Narrative Essay on “Fahrenheit 451”
The purpose of my narrative is to provide a different perspective of events that happened in the novel “Fahrenheit 451.” Instead of the protagonist Guy Montag, I will tell a tale, in the perspective of Captain Beatty, starting 37 years after Montag burned and killed Beatty.

“Wh-- what?” said Beatty with curiosity.
The walls were white; silence filled the room with bliss. Beatty lied there, not moving, staring at the ceiling. A nurse came in.
“Sir, you finally woke up!”
“What do you mean finally?” said Beatty, “aren’t I dead?” “Well, you were, but then you weren’t, but now you are being transported to our underground facility for testing.”
“Wh—what’s going on?”
“Just hush.”
The nurse filled Beatty’s IV bag with benzodiazepine, to make Beatty dose off. Beatty woke up again, but this time in a blue room.
“Welcome to S.C.R.E.E.N.” said an unfamiliar voice.
Beatty stared at the man’s face until he realized that he didn’t recognize the wrinkled man. The room was blue and decorated with pictures of birds. Filled with pictures of blue jays, robins, eagles, Sparrows, and more. Beatty still in shock,

“I thought I was dead…”
“Technically you were, but we rebuilt you.”
“What do you mean ‘rebuilt’?”
“Well you were dying, or dead, but we injected you with a new serum for skin, organ, and bone regeneration called SD-5. The drug basically, as I said, rebuilds your most important insides. Oh! You probably want to know who I am. I’m Dr. Celesta, I studied most of my time, before books were banned and burned then brought back, at Kleimo University. I majored in Theoretical Physics and Advanced Chemistry—“

“Wait, did you say books were brought back?”
“Well, not necessarily, but the government became more lenient to prevent future wars.”
“What year is this?”
The color from Beatty’s face went. His facial expression was blank than rigid, then blank again. Beatty had realized that the last of his memories centered on him being burned by Montag, a former co-worker. During that time it was 2010. Beatty had been in a coma for 37 years.

“Am I done here?” said Beatty.
“Done? You have to stay here for observation.”
“How long will that take?”
“Well since we don’t know any side effects of the drug, you have to live here until death.”
“You’re kidding.”
Beatty had to quickly think of a plan to escape. He noticed a ventilation system. He knew he was underground and figured that the technology here was pretty advanced.
“Can I get some Advil?”
The doctor walked out of the blue room. Beatty quickly utilized the cart next to him to rise himself up to the vent. He managed to get in the vent and escape after twenty-four minutes. Sunlight could be seen coming from a crevice. Beatty smiled, for he knew that just in minutes he would be free. He reached a sewage drain and lifted the metal blocking. Lifting himself out he could see the new city. Industrialization reached the city he thought. Lights were bright, people wore suits and cashmere. Beatty saw a passage into a forest; he made his way there so he could figure out a game plan. Then he heard a rustle in some bushes. He turned around and spotted a woman in a cloak.

“Hey! Wait!”
Beatty ran after the cloaked woman. He went up the river and over the tracks. Beatty kept following her until he reached a group of cloaked men and women. He stopped, in disbelief. One man uncloaked himself, and a familiar voice said,

“Captain Beatty?”
Beatty stared at the man long and hard until he realized that he was staring at Montag. His face was wrinkled now and pale.
“I thought—“
“What, that you killed me?”
Beatty ran towards Montag and tackled him on the cold ground. They wrestled until two other cloaked men broke them apart.
“I should kill...
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