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Gabrielle Duenas

AP LIT- Period 4

Allusion Assignment #1

December 16, 2012

Allusion: Stealing Someone's Thunder.

Category: Language&Idioms

Definition: To take credit for an idea that is not yours.

Reason:I selected this allusion because it is something I can relate to and use daily. I have never heard someone say "You're stealing someones thunder." This allusion attracted me because I can really relate to it and I can also use it in and outside of my academics as well as my school environment. Another reason why I really liked this allusion was because of the history of it. The reason why this allusion was created was because in the 17th century, play writer John Dennis invented the sound of thunder by rattling a sheet of tin. This technique has never before been used and after it this new sound effect became more known, other play writers began to use Dennis' technique and because of this, the allusion "Stealing someone's thunder" got its name. The history of this allusion really helps me remember the definition of this allusion and it helps me understand it better so it may allow me to use it in specific situations.

Examples: My junior year of high school, I was planning a surprise birthday gift for a teacher with a group of my friends. We all discussed and wrote out a list of some ideas of what our teacher would like and what we would all be willing to pitch in to get him. One of my friends said, "Let's get him a huge Star Wars cake since thats his all time favorite movie!" We all agreed that it was a good idea; however one of my friends went ahead and bought the cake on her own and gave it to our teacher as a surprise for his birthday and she said, " I know you love Star Wars so I decided to get you this! I hope you love it!" This situation relates a lot to the allusion " Stealing someones thunder" because one of my friends took credit for my other friends...
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