Allstate Insurance: Advertisement Analysis

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Student Name Mr. Hoyle English 211 Mm/dd/yyyy

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Emotional Appeal Advertising

 In the recent series of ads from Allstate insurance, Dean Winters, an actor notorious for

playing dangerous roles in movies and TV series, plays the a version of “mayhem.” Allstate is notorious for their commercials showing accidents involving multiple vehicles, but with this new series of commercials they choose a fresh approach. Although he’s dressed like a man, and sports a bandage over his black eye, Dean Winters portrays a “typical teenage girl” as he drives through a mall parking lot and receives a text from his “best friend forever” that leaves him “emotionally compromised.” Winters, driving a pink car, hits another parked car in the parking lot and then drives away, without dealing with the “mayhem” he’s just created. Finally, Allstate’s closing statement, “If you don’t have the right insurance coverage, you could be paying for this yourself. Are you in good hands?” abruptly ends the commercial. The ad is funny and witty at first, but once it’s over viewers are left questioning their own car insurance coverage—not just for themselves, but also for their children. With this ad, Allstate is specifically targeting parents by tapping into their desire for the safety of their children. Parents, the ad suggests, are ultimately responsible for their children’s mistakes, even when they are not present to make sure their children behave responsibly. Although it’s not at first apparent because the ad is obviously hilarious, Allstate uses subtle hints to get this message across. Allstate’s choice of actor, their concept of a teenage girl receiving a text message, and their closing question all tap into parents’ desire to keep their children safe.

Student Name Mr. Hoyle English 211 Mm/dd/yyyy

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Dean Winters has starred in T.V. series such as “Oz” and “Rescue Me,” playing a more serious and dangerous character in both. These shows tend to be popular...
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