Allport Trait Approach

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Trait theory Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Trait Approach
Trait approach to personality was a major theoretical study of human behaviour and characteristic (Kendra, n.d.), it show that each person have a different dispositions of personalities. Trait approach to a person behaviour can be easily define when you get along with him or she for a certain time period or someone you know, example of trait such as kind-hearted, talkative and even tempered. Different kind of people have a set of different combination of trait, it consider unique when define a person. It used to identify and measure individual personality characteristic. Gordon Allport was the first psychologist who uses trait approach into personality. He found that trait was the most appropriate theory to describe personal behavioural. Allport had declared trait theory into three levels, which is cardinal trait, central trait and secondary trait. Cardinal trait use to reflect a person personality by his or her daily behavioural which can be observe, it was often match to which conduct people use to describe that person. Central trait was a general characteristic of a person; example was shy and silly which just a term to describe another person by his or her behaviour. Secondary trait was which characteristic may not know while first meet, because it appear just in certain time for a person behavioural. Example like impatient while waiting (Kendra, n.d.). Define a person’s personality assessment was an importance process in getting know to him or her, by using Allport’s trait theory there may be advantages and disadvantages occur while evaluating a person. Allport trait theory was mainly comparison of people’s personalities; this was needed especially when promoting an employee to higher position in organisational structure. This theory was being used in personality’s assessment because everyone is unique, without comparison was very hard to evaluate a person’s characteristic. If you feel that a person is bad, with comparison to a worse person,...
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