Allowing Prayer Within Schools - the Debate

Topics: Religion, Prayer, Faith Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: November 18, 2011
There is an ongoing debate on whether or not prayer should or should not be allowed within the public school system. Often the argument is validated so as to not allow the actions of [prayer] disturb or influence another. The points of which both sides present are valid, however I believe there needs to be a middle ground. A way to compromise and allow for those who wish to pray be able to do so and those who don’t to not even be exposed to it.

There are many religions where prayer is of the utmost importance. Spiritualism and being close to the creator by praying keeps one’s faith strong and on point. If you visit a hospital or an airport and in some cases even the workplace there is an established room or meeting place of ambiguous denomination for those needing to perform either obligatory prayer or just when the individual feels it necessary. These [places] of worship are provided not only for the person who needs to use them to have a quiet and separate space but also for those who are not interested in prayer to not witness it or be involved.

Those who propose that prayer be allowed within the academic institution have argued that such spaces could easily be accommodated to students or faculty and employees for such use. Having the dedicated time or space available to them would allow for privacy and keep from interfering with those who oppose it. A sort of “out of sight, out of mind” idea. In the U.S. Constitution the freedom of one’s religion is provided so why not within a public institution. The Pledge of Allegiance quotes the words “One Nation Under God”; not under Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha. However one chooses their faith is between them and God and no man should be the one to interfere with that.

On the other hand, there are those who oppose the ideas proposed above. Some opponents argue that they do not want their children exposed to the beliefs of other religions and by allowing prayer in schools it is forcing those beliefs...
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