Allied Office Products

Topics: Fee, Costs, Profit Pages: 4 (631 words) Published: September 14, 2014

The following is the case study completed in regards to Allied Office Products. Currently Allied Office Products charges customers a flat fee on product cost. This case study was performed in order to see if Allied Office Products should switch and implement the Sales Based Pricing System.

“ABC” based service costs for the TFC business were calculated and Total Cost/Expense were found to be $1,550,000 Storage, $1,801,000 Requisition Handling, $ 761,000 Basic Warehouse Stock Selection, $734,000 “Pick-up” Activity, $612,000 Data entry, and $250,000 Desk Top Delivery for a total of $5,708,000. After finding the Total Cost we were able to divide that by Activity Driver Units to get the Activity Based Costs. Those costs were found to be $4.43 Storage, $5.81 Requisition Handling, $0.98 Basic Warehouse Stock Selection, $1.05 “Pick-up” Activity, $0.79 Data entry, and $29.41 Desk Top Delivery. Using the ABC Method we were able to calculate a Service Fee Amount of $8,486 for Customer A, and $23,330 for Customer B. Subtracting these totals from the Service Fee Total of $16100 found from the old method shows that Customer A was over charged $7,614 and Customer B was under charged $7,230. It would be fair then to adjust the Service Fee’s charged to each customer to the Totals found using the ABC method. Customer A was found to cost Allied Office Products less money to service, but they were also a smaller source of potential growth for the company. Customer B was found to use a larger amount of services, and has a higher opportunity of increasing Allied Office Product’s revenue. Our suggestion would be to maintain the level of usage of Customer B and increase their service fees. Customer B is more dependent on Allied Office Products, and it’s unlikely they would take their business elsewhere. Customer A is less dependent on Allied Office Products since they use fewer services, and it would be easier for them to take their business elsewhere. We would also...
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