Allied Bombing of Germany during World War II

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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World War II is the first major war to feature widespread bombing and a large production of aircraft. The previous wars hadn’t seen the aircraft that the allied and axis powers produced during World War II. Churchill and Stalin were supporters of a bombing offensive of Germany. They felt that it would be a continuing blow to their morale and resources. When the U.S entered the War, Roosevelt agreed that bombing Germany was the best offensive strategy. He believed it as the only means of gaining a victory. Also despite its savageness bombing had the potential of a quicker and cleaner conflict along with saving lives and money. But did bombing really have a big impact on the allies winning the war? The view is split with those saying it was a major part of why the allies won and those saying it was a liability that hadn’t really affected Germany until the last months of the war. Before analyzing both sides of the argument, we must examine the allied reasons and preparation behind the bombing of Germany.

In the 1930s Germany was assembling its armies and producing aircraft at a high rate. Churchill saw this and led a campaign to increase British air rearmament. Chamberlain the prime minister before Churchill, had no interest in air warfare while Churchill, 5 days after becoming prime minister, began a 5 year campaign to destroy not only cities, railroads, factories, or any other key locations but the morale of the German army. The act of bombing ones country was a frightening thought that Germany was very capable of doing. So because of that the allies wanted to counter that threat and bomb Germany. The allies knew the Germans had a strong air fleet and were frightened by the fact that it had the ability to cause mass destruction. They chose the method of strategic bombing, a method that would support the armies and navies so that they can destroy the resources that keep Germany running rather than just bomb to kill millions of innocent civilians. The other main...
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