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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Assignment 3 (2012/13)
Academic Report (40% weighting)

Tesco plc is a UK based supermarket chain operating in 14 countries worldwide. In February 2012 they reported further growth achieving £64.5B worth of worldwide turnover. Following Philip Clarke’s accession to the post of CEO of Tesco plc, he announced plans to spend £1B on revitalising Tesco in the UK, following gains made by rivals. These plans include hiring extra staff, modernising stores, redeveloping its own-brand food and building new e-commerce infrastructure. However, following poor quarterly results, and after key senior management changes, in December 2012 he announced a review of corporate strategy and appointed Greenhill to advise on the review. This review is expected to conclude by the end of April 2013.

Consider Tesco’s operations, especially their UK results, and corporate position and include the following areas in your report ;-

1. Describe Tesco’s business
2. Based on relevant strategic management theories and concepts, critically evaluate Tesco’s current corporate strategy 3. Evaluate their current strategies on expanding into either ;- a. The US market

b. The Indian market
4. Make brief recommendations on your advice for the way ahead corporately. Should Tesco publish their review before you are due to submit your report, evaluate their strategic intentions, again using the appropriate theories & concepts.

Report format, 2500 words (+/- 10%)

1. The work should be typed using double or 1.5 spacing, contain a header with author name and module code, numbered pages and be appropriately presented for 3rd year work. 2. The work should be in report format, and include appropriate sub- headings. Diagrams or tables may be used in the text, appropriately referenced. Longer tables/data should be added as an appendix. 3. The work should be properly referenced with Bibliography/Reference list at...
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