Allegory of the Cave and Socrates

Topics: Plato, Socrates, Euthyphro Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: December 12, 2012
1.) "The Allegory of the Cave" - We often hear of various movements that are set out to try to protect our freedoms. We spend most of lives trying to defend our rights and keep ourselves liberated. However, how truly free are we? "The Allegory of the Cave" a story of prisoners in a cave , chained facing upward, by the legs and necks. They cannot move but their eyes are faced straight ahead at a wall. This wall is their world. They see the shadows of people, some carrying objects and others not. These shadows are all they know. Eventually, a prisoner is released and upon his release he finds himself in both physical and mental pain. He is now able to move his muscles and put them into work, this includes his logos(mind). "The Allegory of the Cave", is a metaphor of our world. The cave symbolizes our ignorance. If we do not experience something personally, the situation must not exist. The way we pinpoint situations are based on our three levels of thinking. The first level would be our imagination. We could see a shadow of an apple and if we would not what an apple was, we would picture it as a ball or something familiar. The next level would be our senses. Once we could touch, feel and see but yet still have no experience we would still be easy to manipulate and mold. Our intellect is the third level. Our intellect is our ability to think, to face ideas and build our own opinions and views of the world around us. Our level is dependent on our upbringing, religion, culture, and environment. Along with experience, this is how we depict certain situations, however in no way does this mean our depictions are true. 2.) "Euthyphro" - For every action we take we have a motive behind it. These motives may or may not be obvious to the outside eye and sometimes even to ourselves. In "Euthyphro" ( From Plato's "Five Dialogues") Socrates is brought to court and is publicly held at trial for corrupting the youth. However the underlined reason is treason. Euthyphro,...
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