Allegorical Meaning of Christmas Carol

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Allegorical Meaning of Christmas Carol

The allegorical meaning of Christmas Carol is about the message that Dickens leaves for the readers throughout the character Ebenezer Scrooge. So, that’s what Christmas Carol is about, is considered a fable because Dickens worried to create an extensive allegory which delivers his message to the public. The character Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly man whom doesn’t care about Christmas, he doesn’t like Christmas because he thinks that it is an excuse for people not work, and Scrooge also doesn’t like the poor. Dickens created Scrooge as a symbol of wealth and aristocratic members of society who are ignorant, the rich men who don’t like to help the poverty ones. Besides, this is the exactly description of Scrooge a rich man who doesn’t care about the others, just about himself. This fragment is shown when he neglects the men which go to his office asking for donations and he rejects them. His partner Jacob Marley has died one month before Christmas, and he was just like Scrooge is, but he is paying for all Marley has done when he was alive. He carries chains around his waist. In Christmas Eve Marley appears trying to change his friend, he says to him that three different ghosts is going to appear that night and the other nights: the ghost of the past Christmas, the ghost of the present Christmas and the Christmas yet to come. Furthermore, after all this happening, Dickens is trying to show the public that even the ones whose has a cold heart, may be a great man inside. Anyone can change and be a better person. This is the allegory mean which Dickens shows towards Scrooge, he is able to call for an effective moral change in the wealthy, by making Scrooge part of a an allegory rather than just being a character, trying to make him an example of human being for everyone. However the part in which Charles Dickens as mentioned above tries to show the allegorical meaning for the public is when one of the ghosts visit him, the...
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