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Topics: Decision making, Performance, Audience Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Date:June 14, 2012

To:Miguel and Linda


Title:Implementing a Web-Based Performance Appraisal System

Miguel and Linda, as previously spoken you will be giving the vice president of marketing and his upper management team, an informational presentation about the Web-Based Performance Appraisal System. It is very important that this presentation be extremely successful and approved. So be ready to do a good job persuading, capturing their attention and interest.

Primary and Secondary Audiences

In this situation will be very important that you both are fully committed and have the understanding that identifying your audience is key to a good to success and well-done presentation. The audience is vital to the evaluation of the proposal and future performance.

Your primary audience will be the vice-president of marketing. The secondary audience will be the four managers and seven executives who work along with the marketing VP. These employees will be playing a big role in the decision because they are the ones who will be working on the new system, and giving feedback about a implementing or not the new system. Although the VP is of marketing is the one who has the power and authority to make the decision, the feedback taken from the employees can count enormously to his decision.

Audience Analysis

As the VP of marketing has previously said he will be very busy and showed the intentions of keeping the process simple. His first impression about the project might be defensive as he might believe the project is irrelevant or unnecessary.

As complained before, sometimes papers and documents might be misplaced, be unorganized or even be really missing, so the HR department might be one of the biggest beneficiary of the new system. Since they have been having problems organizing and keeping track of their documents. Although they might have a little resistance about the system in the beginning of the implementation, as a primary...
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