“All the Single Ladies” by Kate Bolick (Rhetorical)

Topics: Marriage, Logic, Woman Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: November 14, 2012
In the 2011, November issue of The Atlantic, the cover article titled “All The Single Ladies” by Kate Bolick, was published. This powerful article presents a strong, independent, feminist-minded woman, who discusses marriage with the economic and demographic changes, the role of women and men in education and the workplace, and how these shifts are changing traditional marriage. Bolick uses ethos, pathos, and logos to reach out to the “Single Ladies”, the feminists, and the enlightened men about marriage in today’s quickly changing world. In recent years, there has been an explosion of male joblessness and a decline in male income, educational attainment, and employment prospects. However, in this brave new world women are rising to the top higher than ever in their education and careers. The world is consistently changing. In one-way which differs from the past is the variety of our interactions with the opposite sex. Now the opposite sex can be our classmates, bosses, or subordinates. Then come the debates that are all these statistics decreasing the group of traditionally “marriageable” men. Bolick explores how this new gender balance is giving people a fresh new outlook and prospect to re-think how they look at the institution of marriage. She explains how this shift is causing some women to choose to delay marriage, and why remaining single is not such a bad idea. Bolick demonstrates intrinsic ethos by being exceptionally knowledgeable about women’s success and the alterations of customary marriage. The single 39-year-old feminist, with a New York University master's degree in cultural criticism is a recipient of a MacDowell fellowship. She has also taught writing, which shows Bolick’s extraordinary literary credentials. With a blend of personal reflection and reporting, she equally adds together reflecting on her own life and experiences as well as interviewing others about their lives and encounters. Bolick shares many of her own personal dating...
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