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Topics: Horse, Love, Ranch Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: May 23, 2013
What exactly does the word ideal mean? It is defined as a principle or value that one pursues as a goal, but is that definition really sufficient? Throughout the novel, All the Pretty Horses, readers are introduced to a new idea of what an ideal is; Alejandra, La Purisima and Blevins’ horse all portray an ideal situation and each of them in a unique way and in fact, none in which fit the dictionary description.

Alejandra is not just a girl; she is a wealthy, brown haired blue-eyed figure of perfection. Where John Grady comes from there are few girls, if any, that compare to Alejandra. Her passion for horses and the ranch lifestyle only makes her that much more attractive to John Grady as well as the other men on the ranch. John Grady’s love for Alejandra is more than ideal. As readers we can feel how strong his love is for her through his thoughts, words, and expressions. This is key because meeting Alejandra and falling in love with her appears as an ideal situation, however the harsh reality brings John Grady to a place where we have yet to see him. "He saw very clearly how all his life led only to this moment and all after led nowhere at all. He felt something cold and soulless enter him like another being and he imagined that it smiled malignly and he had no reason to believe that it would ever leave” (McCarthy 254). This shows us that an ideal situation is not always realistic and reachable.

In the country a horse is a man’s prized possession. John Grady and Rawlins had horses of their own, but neither of them could compare to the horse Blevins rode on. Blevins’ horse was an ideal horse. When John Grady and Rawlins saw the horse for the first time, and this small boy riding it, it is hard for them to believe that the horse actually belonged to him; which it turns out, it actually did not. Later in the novel, after John Grady is bailed out of jail, after he is turned down by Alejandra and often realized he had nothing left to live for, he went back to...
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