All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Topics: Lagos, Enugu State, The Cult Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: November 24, 2012
e book, All That Glitters Is Not Gold, written by Benjamin Ifeanyichukwu Abugu, symbolically portrays deception. It shows that life is fragile and one should be be handled with care. Written in 19 chapters, the 152-page prose analyses the fruitlessness of promiscuity. It highlights how reckless living leads to pain and shame. Essentially, the book depicts the moral decadence of the 21st Century people, who believe in easy life and quick financial benefit. The story revolves round the major characters; Anya and his sister Blossom. Both are children of Gab Uku and Mabel from Egwuonwu who live in Lagos. Their escapades, belief, time and chance like the Biblical saying, are weighed in a balance. Anya and Blossom had lived a wayward live of watching pornographic films and fornicating. “Their inner conflicts are compounded by the scourge of HIV/AIDS, that currently threatens to destroy the entire population.” While Anya escapes the scourge, his sister falls victim. Former Miss World becomes a shadow of herself and finally dies. Anya, a newspaper reporter, has some bad habits which are controlled by his experiences. He learns from his experiences, illusions, dreams, particularly, his encounter with swindlers and robbery trial arising from his association with bad friends. Anya almost committed suicide when erroneously given a HIV positive result. His fears and conflicts are allayed after the result is corrected. From that moment, he turns a new leave. But Blossom is a former beauty queen and a campus babe.

Having lived with her aunty, Eliza and husband, Chief Dike Akukamadu, a business mogul, becomes a sleeping partner to the chief. Aside living a carefree life, she is also a cultist. Her friend, Rose, introduces her to Daughters of Jezebel, the female wing of Red Atlantic cult. The cult was notorious for all manners of indecent appearance on campus, including nudity, which was regarded as the most sacred mark of the sisterhood of Jezebel. Blossom torment starts after...
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