All Schools Should Implement Bullying Awareness Programs.

Topics: Jazz, Music genre, Blues Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Kate Kloppenburg
Jose Jimenez
English 102
18 March 2013
Jazz and Electronic Dance Music
Old Fashioned versus Modern Jazz and Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM, are two very different types of music; but they have multiple similarities as well. Jazz has multiple sub-genres, brass and stringed instruments, and swingy, bluesy rhythms. Electronic Dance Music is generated from the computer, using various sounds ranging from an electric guitar to swords clashing. Jazz music is the mother of all music, all the genres of music that we have today were derived from some form of Jazz music. While Electronic Dance Music has not been around nearly as long as Jazz has been, it is getting popular on the streets as well as in dance clubs. Jazz and Electronic Dance Music are two completely different styles of music, as well as generations of people.

Jazz’s history is a very interesting one. Most of the famous jazz singers were involved with drugs and drinking. Jazz is originally credited to New Orleans, Louisiana in the twentieth century. Traits that characterize Jazz music are West African black folk music, European popular and light classical music. Early Jazz was played mainly in small marching bands or solo banjo and piano. During World War II, Jazz spread over to Europe, who claimed it as their own. After the war was over, Jazz was transformed into smaller ensembles of musicians and singers. The 1950’s brought on musical competition with the beginning of Rock n Roll and Disco music, and continued to evolve in the 1980’s with influences coming from retro style music. Finally in the 1990’s, Jazz developed sub-genres including Post-Bop, Retro Swing, Jump Blues, Hot Dance and Swing Hybrid. Jazz is one of the longest living genres of music, and the history exemplifies that history. (Where did you get this information from?)

While Electronic Dance Music has not been around nearly as long as Jazz, it still has a unique history. Unlike Jazz, where the...
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