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  • Published : May 10, 2009
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Chris Chagnon

Mr. Farrell
“Brothers in Arms”
All Quiet on the Western Front
War is a battle between nations or parties in a nation, where the force of arms is used to fight one another. Erich MariaRemarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front depicts one of the worst wars the world has ever seen. World War I was a war fought by many nations from 1914-1918 in which millions of lives were taken and many friendships were made. The events of a war create a brothership between the soldiers.

Throughout All Quiet on the Western Front a brothership comes up between Paul and his friends. They act as one when problems arise. In Chapter 1, the problem of the cook arises. He cooked for 150 men although 70 of them pasted during battle. The men in the second company feel that they are deserving of all 150 rations although the cook will not let them have all the rations. The men come together and start fighting as one against the cook, like a brother would fight for his siblings, so they may receive all the rations of food. The men show us how they fight as one and not as strangers in this part of the novel, the way two brothers will fight for one another to get anything they need or want.

The men did not just show a brothership in war. Before the war they became good friends. This is shown in chapter 2 when Paul said “But by far the most important result was that it awakened in us a strong, practical sense of espirit de corps, which in the field developed into the finest thing that arose out of war comradeship”. This proves that the brothership rose from war. In training they met each other and learned about each other but the war brought out the best in them and the brothership or comradeship was created.

Through Chapter 5 Paul and the other soldiers express their feeling toward one another and speak about what they would do if it were peace-time again. This shows how the soldiers are like brothers because they bring they’re personal lives...
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