All Quiet on the Western Front: Book Review

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Book review on All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quiet on the Western Front, a war novel, is a fictional novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I. The book was wrote in 1929 and has had two movies based on the book. Erich Maria Remarque was conscripted at the age of 18, and on the 12th June 1917 he was transferred to the Western Front. This may have provided Erich Maria Remarque with the idea that was behind All Quiet on the Western Front. I think it was a book written to reflect the human cost of war. And how many people are blind in seeing the truth and actual reality of war. The book is showing how at first these me thought that war is glorious. But as the war drags on they see the death or permanent injuries that have been inflicted on their friends. And all of the characters seem to die or be sent to hospital until only one remains. The book tells the story of Paul Bäumer, a German soldier who joins at the start of World War One. Bäumer arrives at the Western Front with his friends and schoolmates. While fighting at the front, Bäumer and his comrades have to engage in frequent battles and endure the dangerous and often dirty conditions of warfare. The book is set on the western front which stretches from the North Sea to Switzerland. Erich Maria Remarque uses the brutality and fierceness of war. And they way that be puts this through makes you believe and picture it in its true form as he is giving a real description of the setting of war. However he also explains the longing for home that the soldiers have and the comforts that are there, that are not in the trenches. Even the time that they have spent in the trenches has made the feel attached to their friends’ one of their characters on leave feels “out of place” at his home. Even though of the many comforts that they have grown to attached to their friends’ and would prefer to be with them. To me this show how close each of the men were to each other and how Erich Maria...
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