All Quiet on the Western Front

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Jenna Long
Mrs. Schumann
8 November 2012
All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quiet on the Western Front is a very dramatic movie about how WWI affected a young group of soldiers. The war affected the soldier’s whole self; it affected them emotionally, physically, and mentally. War can hurt anyone’s emotions. Being exposed to such terrible things can really change a person. When the soldiers got to their training camps they were excited and eager to fight for their country, but after the vigorous training their egos were greatly brought down. Emotions fluctuated greatly while they were training and they hated Corporal Himmelstoss. Corporal Himmelstoss showed the boys, that war isn’t this honorable or glamorous thing. War affected the soldiers physically also. They never ate a balanced meal. They were lucky in the movie that they found a duck to eat. Soldiers worried little about hygiene, there was no indoor plumbing. The soldiers were exposed to all kinds of vermin, for example rats and lice. Being in poor physic health can really hurt a person. It must have been a painful struggle even getting up every day to fight for your life and country. Finally war can affect a person mentally. In the beginning of the movie the soldiers were eager to go to war, but when they got there they were in some ways eager to go home. The war mentally drained each of the soldiers. These soldiers had to kill other human beings, and watch some of their own friends die. It must have been hard for them to even remember what the reasons were that they even started fighting the war, and it must have been hard for them to think of reasons to not quit the war. The mental part of war is the most important part of war, you can physically be the fastest or strongest, but if you are not prepared mentally you have no chance. All Quiet on the Western Front really demonstrated the ways that war can affect a soldier. War will affect a soldier in their...
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