All Publicity is Good Publicity

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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‘All Publicity is good Publicity.’
Why do new music artists have to subvert social norms to stand out?

I will create a music video that subverts social norms and hegemonic values in order so that the artist featured gains attention by shocking the audience.

In April 2008, an unknown artist’s first ever single went straight to the top of the charts in over 5 different countries, sold 419,000 digital downloads in one week, spent the next 5 months in the Billboard Hot 100 and to date has sold over 7.7 million copies. Lady Gaga’s single ‘Just Dance’ propelled her from a ‘no one’ into a star known across the world. She is now the most followed person on twitter, with over 50 million followers, and has over 10 million friends on Facebook – breaking the record number of friends. The music industry is one of the hardest in the world to get into, and once inside staying in the eye of the media is crucial to success, which is shown by celebrities, such as Kanye West, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Though the press reported it negatively and he was thrown out of the VMA awards whilst Taylor was given the full support of the audience, the video of his stage invasion went viral across the internet. Thousands of websites quoting him and internet memes appeared online and social media spread Kanye West’s name across the world, his image now completely ruined. This could have been the end of his career, but using the new publicity he had gained he started using twitter and gained thousands of followers. He wrote many apologies to Taylor Swift, started a Ustream account and began giving away free songs gaining more fans over many social networking sites. His music video to his song ‘Power’ now has 9,901,604 views on YouTube. A 15 second mistake which resulted in bad publicity arguably could have been the best thing that ever happened to West in his career.

To keep media attention on themselves, music artists need...
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