All Managers R Hr Managers

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All managers are human resource managers; do you agree? Discuss. 1.) INTRODUCTION
Yes, all managers are human resource managers. However, most organisations treat this two differently. But on careful consideration we will see that this two have almost the same functions. A Human Resource Manager is someone that manages people. They are known as staff managers. Their overall responsibility is to recruit, select, appraise, develop and train staff. They are also involved in implementing employment legislation and welfare. A Manager on the hand is a person that gets things done by people. Can also be defined as a person whose role in an organisation is to oversee one or more employees, divisions or volunteers to ensure that they carry out certain duties or meet goals of the firm. Their major function is to organize, control, lead and plan. (Kayne R,2003). For clear understanding of this topic, we will define who A Human Resource Manager and a Manager is, their roles and functions, then the interrelations between the two concepts will be analysed.

2.1 Definition and Concepts
Human resource management can be described in different ways from different perspectives but still with the same message. Here we will define HRM as management of people. The sole aim of this is to make efficient and effective use of human resources so that the set goals of the organisation are achieved.  HRM can be defined as a process of procuring, developing and maintaining competent resources in the organization so that goals of an organization are achieved in an effective and efficient manner. In other words HRM is an art of managing people at work in such a manner that they give their best to the organisation.(Simply_coool,2009). Human resource constitutes of all the management decisions responsible for relationship between organization and employees. HRM is the field of management which plans, organizes, controls the functions of recruiting, developing and training, maintaining and proper utilization of the work force so that. 1. Organizational goals can be achieved.

2. Objectives of human resources can be attained
3. Objectives of public can be satisfied.
HRM is also strategic and comprehensive approach to administering individuals, the work culture and environment. Successful HRM empowers workers to give successfully and profitably to the most part of the organisation’s course and the achievement of the firm's objectives and goals. 2.2 Objectives Of Human Resource Management

Objectives of Human Resource Management can be classified under four major categories. Societal
HRM may contribute ethically and socially regarding the needs and challenges emerging in the society. If an organization fails to use its resources for society benefits in ethical ways it may lead to restriction by society. Organizational

The main objective of HRM is to achieve organizational goals by bringing organizations effectiveness. HRM is not an end but it is a means to assist the organization in order to attain its objectives. Functional

Functional objective of HRM deals with contributions of each department regarding their need and effectiveness in order to attain organization goal. All the resource or skill set will be wasted if HRM is not able to fulfil the organizational demand. Personal

HRM also deals with personal objectives of the individuals so that personal and organizational objectives can be met in order to achieve maximum production and attain competitive advantage. These personal objectives are essential in order to maintain, retain and to motivate employees the absence of these may lead to employees dissatisfaction and poor performance which therefore result to low productivity.

2.3 Functions Of Human Resource Management
The role of human resource management is to plan, develop, and administer policies and programmes...
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