All Gods Children

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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All God’s Children

Early life experiences are undoubtedly instrumental in determining who we will be for the rest of our lives. Certain circumstances, both positive and negative, can go a long way in shaping us. As an analogy, George W. Bush probably never would have had a chance at running for the presidency if his father were never elected to this title. Likewise, there are probably many promising children being raised in low socio-economic status areas that will never be given an opportunity to hone their skills and talents. The latter is representative of the type of life that both Butch and Willie Bosket had to endure. For example my self my mother had nothing to show for her whole life I probably wouldn’t had either but being placed in the system allowed me with many opportunities.

Butch and Willie are two extremely violent criminals who lives were written about in All God’s Children, by Fox Butterfield. Butch is the father, and Willie his son; both were victims of circumstances that eventually led to serious time in juvenile and child detention facilities, jails, and ultimately prison . Care giving is an important factor in determining how children will turn out, in my personal opinion Whoever plays the role of caregiver will have a profound impact on how that infant develops in my experience I work in a child care program and some children come from families that encounter many problems and when the children are in my care I try to provide attention and love and try to be understanding of their feelings do to the fact that they are not given this at home and I would like to think that I could make a difference in there life’s . Perhaps if they had better care giving as children they wouldn’t have ended up like they did. Along with the beatings James gave Butch, he was once found with a weapon during an altercation with his son. The horrible neglect experienced by Butch and Willie were very likely a cause of their violent behavior.

The second...
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