All Eyes on Eco-Friendly Tire Making

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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All Eyes on Eco-Friendly Tire Making

1. How have tire companies embraced the green movement?

Brand Dawson

Tire companies are multifaceted in their efforts to be green. They produce tires with better rolling resistance and thus emit less carbon dioxide into the air. They develop ways to recycle and reuse rubber. They reduce potentially toxic chemicals in their process. They attain international standards such as the ISO 140001 environmental management certification.

Community – Active

Good year

Good year has developed and supported consumer awareness programs for proper inflation and fuel economy education.


Yokohama had implemented eco-motion that created Forever Forecast the tress more than 500000covering 25 acres will plant in next decade. Tire companies embraced the green movements improve their operation up and down the production stream while they are setting green mark. However , Yokohama had implemented environmentally theme Web Site known as Eco Treadsetters. Thus, company is earning more revenue while it adapt immediately to new processes and materials that are environmental friendly.


Bridgestone had certified wildlife habitat areas surrounding three of tire facilities as well

South Korea Kumho Tire Co.Inc

Kumho had protected the marine and forests such as preserve the home of animals and fish , operates facilities thatreduce air pollutants and separates waste for recycling purposes.


Michelin had invested in three-year research around 6.8 million and improved fuel economy via reduced rolling resistance . The environmental R&D , education , government , universities would lead a great impact to Michelin.

2. What benefits does eco-friendliness have for :

a. The company

Yokohama Rubber Co.Ltd :

Yokohama Rubber...
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