All Children Need to Be Fed with Appropriate Information

Topics: Morality, Writing, Ethics Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: April 6, 2013
All Children Need to be Fed with Appropriate Information
Children are not capable to differentiate between what is correct and incorrect. The story “The Greater part of the Stories Current Today We Shall Have to Reject” has impacted on children and our young people. Even though media has changed, but the concerns are still the same. The writer wrote about the effect that poets had on young folks of his period in the similar way that those who have studied this issue today have shown the effects of literature and television on today's children and young people in society. The statement Socrates presents is not a compelling argument in the modern era, because of technology and media. Nothing has been changed from Plato’s period of till today’s culture; problems are still similar. It seems difficult to find solution for the problem that Plato’s has mentioned, though he feels that all the writing that are published should be censored or to put out with edited good material. Plato mentions in his writing that mainly we should begin nurturing the children's mind first and concentrate on providing them with appropriate education which is built on the literature they read than to worry about the physical side of their bodies. Plato’s writing mentions that, “we shall begin by educating mind and character…. In this education you would include stories, would you not?" (Current Issue and Enduing Question 491). Plato’s writing refers to particular poets and writers who have written about wars and gods and the awful things that happened to the characters in their writings, and states that these parts of the stories, or this type of story should not be acceptable to be read to children. Looking at today’s generation, it is difficult to hide improper materials, because of such a mass production of technological devices and the resources people have available to them. He states that "Then it seems that our first business is to supervise the production of stories, and choose only...
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