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All About Yourself

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  • November 2010
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WADE! So I have had some things on my mind lately. I don’t know where to start honestly- first and foremost… I Love You with all my heart. I guess I could start off by letting you know how much the past 2 weeks I have realized how badly I have been treating you. I can’t think of myself as anything more than just the biggest piece of shit ever. It was such an eye opener for me because I never realized how easy it would be for you to just get up and leave my life at anytime and one more time may be the last that you would come back to me. That’s why I’ve realized I am never going to freak out on you ever again because of something that happened at home I love you too much. I realized how the one I love the very most and means my entire world to me would never hurt me on purpose or even at all. We were made for each other in each and every single way and that’s why I know its destiny that we will be together by each others side from the first breath we spent together till the very last. From the first time I set my eyes on you, I knew you were unlike any others and that one way or another I was going to find my way to make you mine forever so that I would never lose that one in a million guy to any other girl. Wade as I’ve told you before, you were honestly my only cure to my depression. No medication gets me through it more that your love did and finally got used to be before you walked into my life, you would be able to see for yourself that I was falling fast. Everyday I would wake up wondering why I was still breathing. Now I wake up as the happiest person in the world each and every morning. There is never ever a second that goes by that your not on my mind about one thing or another. You can take away any tears and pain just by allowing me to hear your voice and knowing you will be there every step of the way throughout our long, sharing journey called life. I wake up and look into the mirror and finally for the first time in my life, a smile actually comes...

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