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Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Withdrawal Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Aguilar, Kyle Darryl T.
Chua, Mark Sheehan K.
III. Specific implications of the disorder to freshman Filipino College Students A. Productivity
Due to the addictive nature of the concerned disorder, as well as the identity of Facebook as a social networking site, the obsessive habit poses implications to the freshman students of the College of Liberal Arts. To begin with, the impact of the aforementioned site to the students’ productivity should be taken into consideration. One of the noteworthy details observed when one is engulfed by an addiction is the soothing effects that he experiences from it. The moments of delirium endow addicts with temporal alleviations from their obligations in real life. The engagement of addicts in their addiction provides answers to their manifold concerns. Aside from the quelling properties of an addiction, it may also dictate one’s life. The preparations that addicts have to arrange for the purpose of indulging in their obsession, as well as the act of carrying out the addictions, constitute to considerable periods of time, thus wasting one’s life. Moreover, the circumstances in which the time it takes the addict to carry out the very activity of quenching his addiction is short can still lead to the subjugation of his life. His daily objective would revolve around the demented habit, effectively diverting his focus and attention from his obligations. Furthermore, the cessation of his intoxication would plunge him into a disturbed state accompanied by a force that persuades him to return to the fleeting ecstasy. Afterwards, the said cycle repeats day by day, literally reaping the addict’s life away from him. Overall, the hassles in one’s life is given due attention when he surrenders himself to a particular addiction since the said obsession would govern his life in place of him provided that he satiates his addiction; consequently liberating him from his responsibilities, as well as from his very life (Seeburger, 1995)....
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