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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Shadira Andrews
Writing #5
My whole heart stopped when I saw the blood dripping from my arm. Today was a regular day but my whole life changed. It was a sunny day with my cousins, sister, friends and I when suddenly I get a huge scar on my right back-hand. It might look like a burn but it’s not, it’s a terrible long lasting scar. This raggedy old scar is about nine years old but I still remember every single detail of how this happened. An almost trip to the hospital wasn’t supposed to happen with just a game of basketball that I wasn’t playing. This almost fun day was one of the worst days of my life; this was the night of my life. Why do we have to play tag? This game makes me very exhausted but I have to other wise my crush is going to think I am fat. I am going to need about five bottles of Gatorade to stay energized though. We played tag around the school-yard for about 15 minutes but I had to use the restroom so I told everyone that I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Just before I was completely out of the yard my sister called my name to ask me to get her something from the house. The next thing you know a boy ends up accidently knocking me unto the floor and I slide across the concrete. If I was car and I was making a sharp turn you would only hear me screaking. The boy was playing basketball and I happened to stop right in front of the basketball court. I can’t believe I’m lying on this concrete with nothing but blood and a boy I don’t even know next to me. I blacked out for a moment and couldn’t hear anything, it was so silent but everyone talked. All I could see and remember is the faces on everyone’s face. My sister looked as if she was having a baby, and the boy looked as if he saw something ghastly. Everyone was panicking but what I couldn’t get out of my head is the fact that my stockings ripped; those were new stockings that my mom finally got me so you could say my facial expression was being annoyed and irritated. By...
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