All About Me

Topics: Family, Gramophone record, Pentecostalism Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: December 5, 2012
All About Me
my name is terrica clark and on may 27,1995, in birmingham,alabama; a beautiful baby girl was put upon this earth. that baby girl was me. i was born to anetha and terry clark at 10:40 a.m. at Copper Green Hospital. i have two brothers and three sisters which are all older than me. i was raised in a pentecostal church and had a strict upbringing. my mom has been a missionary before i was born and has also been a chef for twelve years at the riverview plaza hotel in downtown, mobile. my dad was a mechanic but now he is disabled because he is partially blind. i love my family and friends and all the dysfunction that comes along with them. for some reason, being around people makes me feel better. i could be extremely sick or in a horrible mood but if i get around a few people i feel a little better. socializing is like my own little home remedy for being sick i always say. i have two best friends which are kayln kidd who is a senior here at MGM and anfernee creagh who is my boyfriend. those are the only two people that i truly trust. i am not really a book person unless it is talking about history like slavery, the women rights movement, or racism. a lot of my friends call me weird because i am so fascinated with history. im constantly goggling different people and events from the past. i have old vinyl records and antique artifacts displayed all around my room. singing is also a passion of mines. for as long as i can remember, ive been singing in the choir and performing solos. sometimes i write my own songs but never have enough courage to actually perform them. i also write poems, which i do more regularly than song writing. whenever someone passes away in my family, im always the one that everyone turns to, too write the poem for the eulogy. when i graduate from MGM i plan to attend either the university of south alabama or springhill college and major in nursing. after i get my r.n. license i plan to go back to school and major in...
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