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Topics: Earth, Subject, Person Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Jonathan Silva
English 3 Period 2 September 11, 2012

Hi my name is Jonathan Alexander Silva. I am 16 years of age I was born and raised in Inglewood, Ca by my parents up until the age of 14 when my dad was separated from my mom and which made me move to Torrance. I’m the type of person who can be really quiet at times but out of nowhere I get louder than a Super bowl stadium. I love to play soccer although I had to drop that class this year due to the fact of me having credit issues. I like the subject science learning about how things work and how the earth works also excites me. I am not going to lie I deeply dislike English, English my least favorite subject because over the course of going to school I have always struggled with it. In ten years I either see my self being a police officer or helping my brother out in his business either way I’ll be happy with I’m doing.

Being Born Raised in Inglewood has taught me so much I have been through the best and the worst, Yes it’s the “ ghetto “ but I still loved it. I have seen things that a young teenage kid should never have to see not even a full on grown adult. It taught me to stand up for my self don’t let anybody talk you down and always watch take care of your self. Me being a quiet person at times just means I want to stay out of problems I don’t want to be dealing with anybody cause I have a lot of things to deal with but when I am loud It just means I’m just me Jonathan the happy one and funny one. The subject science is such a great subject I can talk and talk about it non stop because I actually love finding out new things I’ve never knew about the earth, and me not liking English is because I don’t like writing essays.

I enjoy playing soccer, I have been playing since I was 5 years old, it runs in the family from my great grandpa to my right now. I even have a older...
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