AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan's Central Executive Committee

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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President Dr Hafeez ur Rehman(Vice Dean ,HOD PMC) ophthalmologist (unanimously elected as president in oct,2011 before that he was the senior VP of Alkhidmat for four years 2007 to 2011 ) Senior Vice President Syed Ahsan ul Allah Waqas(Ex MPA)

Vice President Dr Iqbal Khalil(Ex vice mayor Peshawar)
Secretary Journal Mian Abdul Shakoor
Assistant secretary Ehsan ul Allah Quraishi
Assistant secretary Engnr Abdul Aziz
Finance Secretary Faiz ul Bari
Chairman BOG Alkhidmat AGHOSH Dr Anis Ahmed(vice chancellor Riphah International University) Director Orphan care program Col Khalid Abbasi
Director clean water program Qazi Syed Sadar ul din

Alkhidmat foundation has its regional offices in provinces ,districts and then small areas! Every province and districts have Executive committees as above have president with 2 VP's and sec journal and other other managing directors and coordinators.

Alkhidmat Foundation has served a lot in promoting education in Pakistan! There are over 180 schools of Alkhidmat foundation including Ghazali education system, Dar e Arqam school, Hira schools , Baithak Schools System, and READ Foundation etc. SCHOOL SUPLLIES

Alkhidmat has and still providing school uniform, school bags ,note books, shoes, stationeries to deserving school children in different regions of the country. Alkhidmat regularly hands out school supplies to these underprivileged children. More than 3,500 underprivileged children have benefited from this program to date. ALFALAH SCHOLAR SHIP PROGRAM

Alkhidmat foundation is providing scholarships to the underprivileged but talented students. Over 5000 students have received scholarships and other educational assistance from the Alkhidmat Alfalah scholarship program and more than 600 students have completed their professional degrees. SACRIFICES

Alkhidmat foundation volunteers have putted their lives on risk for promoting education...
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